Breakin' is a classic "Breakout" style game with modern RPG elements. I wanted to create a game that I remember playing as a kid. But with modern games being so deep I knew I had to add more to the game. That's where the new elements come in. The player is able to upgrade their ball and paddle. With each upgrade your ball gets stronger and faster. You can also, upgrade your paddle's size and speed for better controls. This mechanic puts a new twist on the game as the player has to make choices as to what they want to upgrade. I also wanted to make the bricks feel more alive. So there are a total of 6 different brick types and 5 boss battles. This brings on whole new dynamic to the gameplay as the player progresses through the levels. 


Breakin' Features: 

  • Tons of upgrades for the players ball, paddle and weapons

  • Over 45 Challenging Levels

  • A Endless mode where the player gets one chance to destroy as many bricks as possible

  • Great Modern Flat Graphics

  • Best Part... The game is free!!! 


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